Pythia 6 is hosted by Hepforge, IPPP Durham

Questions and Bug Reports?

Please use the ticket system.

Note that internal policy for ATLAS and CMS demands that all hypothetical PYTHIA bugs should be discussed internally, and be reproducible with a standalone PYTHIA version, before the PYTHIA authors are contacted. Send a message to cms-generator@… (CMS) or use the Savannah bug reporting system (ATLAS).

For questions, choose the category "user_support". Since we are only a very few people, please do make sure to consult the manual in advance.

For legitimate bug reports, choose the category "defect". Use a clean copy of PYTHIA, not one that has been subject to "local modifications". Also make sure it is a recent one - you may have encountered a true bug, but one already solved. If uncertain, get a fresh copy. Write a simple standalone main program that demonstrates the claimed bug, i.e. one that can be compiled linking only to the Pythia library. Include a reasonably detailed description of the problem.

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